Abigayle with Hericium mushroom

The official publication date was September 3, 2021 for both the printed book and the ebook.  It can be ordered online through the Royal BC Museum Books website (use the coupon code MUSHROOMBONUS to get a 10% discount) and it is being sold to persons who walk into the Museum Store. In the Greater Victoria Region, Mushrooms of BC is now in stock at Munro’s, Bolen Books, and Tanner’s Books. Dozens of other BC bookstores have ordered stock and may have the book available. You can check the stock at many local bookstores through Bookmanager (click on Shop Local). 

Kindle or Kobo editions can be ordered through online sources.

For those in the US, Mushrooms of BC can be ordered through many bookstores. See Bookshop.org.

The BC Museum catalogue lists Mushrooms of BC. The catalogue has information about how retailers looking to carry the book can contact the book distributors, Ampersand Inc. in Canada and IPG in the USA.